alpaca experience

Our recommendations

Please make sure you are wearing closed and comfortable shoes and adapt your clothes to the weather conditions. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our gift shop.

Pets are not allowed on our premises. Reactions of dogs and other animals are unpredictable when meeting our alpacas.

Meet, greet & feed

If you ever dreamt of spending some time with alpacas, then Fons is the place to be. Fluffy experience guaranteed!

Take a look at our alpacas in their spacious pen and have fun feeding them by hand. If you’re patient, you might even be able to pet them. Alpacas are very curious and will come closer when they feel like it.

In the middle of the countryside of the small town Fons, you’ll learn a lot about these fluffy apprehensive but also curious hairballs.

1h activity

One drink included (coffee, tea, or soft)
Feeds for our alpaca’s

PRICE : 7,5 € / person

Minimum 4 visitors

Celebrate with our Alpacas

Not enough space at home? Just want to enjoy the party and no need to tidy up after it!
Fancy a new experience and an unforgettable encounter?
Try our birthday deal in the middle of the countryside with our 4 alpacas. We’re located in the small town Fons, at a 15-minute ride from Figeac.

Birthday deal

– welcome drink with kids champaign or a soft drink
– introduction to our alpacas and a walk
– 2 pancakes / kid (with sugar or jelly)
– free water

– alpaca colouring pages
– free access to our trampoline, swing, giant games
(Power4, Mikado sticks, dominos et kuub)
– gift for each kid (keychain, pen, etc.)3h activity

2h30 activity

PRICES : 15 € / kid
(5 kids minimum)

alpaca walking experience

Enjoy a walk in the nature with our alpacas. We will customise our walk to your age and capacities.

The adventure starts with a safety briefing and some key information on our alpacas. We’ll then start our walk at alpaca’s pace on the small paths of the countryside of Fons. We’ll walk next to the alpacas and keep them on a leash.

We’ll end the experience with a drink and the opportunity to feed our alpacas.

Kids under the age of 12 must keep an alpaca on the leash together with an adult.

1h30 activity

One drink included (coffee, tea, or soft)
Free keychain for kids under 12 year
Feeds for our alpaca’s

15 € / adult
10 € / kids under 12 year
Minimum 3 visitors